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DATE: 2008/06/30(月)   CATEGORY: The English Diary
英語日記 16
(If I had to compare it exaggeratedly.)

I went to big flower shop that has a big refrigerator at Thomson road with friend.
I'm so cold that I could freeze to death.
(But it is not exaggeration! Real!)

Then we bought many many flowers.
there were so many that we could open flower shop.

And then my friend tought me flower arrangement.
She has a qualification about flower arrangement.

She made one was so beautiful that it could sale the flower shop immediately.
Mine was so bad that …. I couldn't say.
It was first time for me.
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DATE: 2008/06/30(月)   CATEGORY: The English Diary
英語日記 15
Have you known?

GWC sometimes charge fee for the shopping bag of cold storage.
It is performed in form of the donation.
It is necessary to pay minimum 10 cents into the can of the donation of the side of the cash register.
Not every day, it is once a month.

At the 1st Wednesday of the month.
And then, there are no visitor in a shop on that day almost.

I also went GWC at the 1st Wednesday of the month.
Usually, I have "eco" bag when I go to the cold storage for buy something.
But, I had forgotten it only the day.
I paid 10cents and shop staff gave me many shopping bags it was too much.

How do Singaporean think about eco?
I agree with charging, but I think that they should think about a daily saving.
But, I have not declined it, too…not good.

Many Japanese grocery stores have been charging fee for the shopping bag already recently.
Therefore eco-bags seem to be popular in Japan.
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DATE: 2008/06/30(月)   CATEGORY: The English Diary
I intend to write it about "me and comics" today.

Actually I had begun to draw a comic, when I was about 6 years old.

I had hardly read comics before that.

I really liked drawing pictures but I don't know that why I had begun to that.

I drew a comic when I noticed it.

At first I cut paper small and made a bean book and placed the comics on one picture in page one.
And I gathered them up and stapled it and made a book.

The story was!!!

A girl was the chief character, that lost parents, and she was tormented in a relative house.
But she is very popular with boyfriends.
When she was hurt, she lost memory or lost eyesight temporarily.
And but she regain them movingly.
Actually she was a princess.
At last she welcomes happy ending. hehehe

But, it is like a Korean drama recently.

By the way,
When I went to my friend house and met her daughter.
She hoped that I would draw the pictures about comic character recently in Japan.
I undertook it willingly.

She showed me some references that the really cute comic books for young girls of Japan.

I said "This high school student girl wearing school uniform is so nice!
Its the vogue of recently?"
She said "No, she is a primary schoolchild. And the style is [Goth Punk]"
I had known [Goth &Loli] but, I never knew it.

Goth &Loli is Gothic Lolita.
Goth Pank is Gothic punk

Whatever it is. It is difficult to me.

But I could draw them.
It seems she was really glad about that.

It was a chance to study a new picture for me too.
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DATE: 2008/06/30(月)   CATEGORY: The English Diary
英語日記 13
I went to a Chinese dim sum restaurant with my friends.
The restaurant has a discounting price for the dim sum lunch 30% every Tuesday.
Because I like there, I go there with a friend frequently,

When we arrived there the day,

The receptionist didn't confirm with me that we have reservation.
She just said to me "Ms Maya right?"
It is not because my face was easy to understand as a Japanese.
Because all the members were Japanese.

She remembered me because I go there often but only Tuesday.
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DATE: 2008/05/31(土)   CATEGORY: The English Diary
About the next door's renovation and a quakeproof design.

The renovation of the next room began.
The construction is performed everyday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.
It is the first situation for me that a neighboring room does a renovation.
I had not thought that it was so noisy.
The sound of the drill.
A sound to wrecking a wall.
I know, nobody hear. Therefor I sometimes shout, "Too loud !!"
Because it was a too big sound, I had doubt what kind of construction it was.
I was able to look in the inside yesterday because the next door opened when I came home.
What is it!
The rooms had lost a pillar, and wall for the partition.
The room became just one big room.
I was surprised.
It is unforgiveable in Japan.
Because Japan is a country with many earthquakes, a standard to build a high-rise building is severe.

If there is an earthquake, how about that.
I am uneasy.

I always scare when I watch a Singaporean new condominium
(the design which raised a Popsicle in the ground).
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